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The Greenhouse - The green house provides businesses with tailored waste management programs.

  Buy Recycled and save:                                                                                     9/04/11

Everyday people recycle;to keep it working-we need to buy recycled products.

 More info.: Free Brochure,call free-1-800-2-RECYCLE



Chuck Norris strikes back against GMOs, Codex, and government assault against health freedomay, September 29, 2011 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer   Learn more: Go Here





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Leaked reports reveal US government pushing hard for GMOs in Africa---12/2010


                            GMO's---Are---Bad News!!!


                                           Non-GMO Actions Groups, Dr. Oz and more Dec 10, 2010:






                                         Unseen Dangers of Microwave Ovens


  Why did the Russians Ban an Appliance Found in 90% of American Homes?  <---CLICK


    7/19/13 CIA-is-funding-government-led-chemtrailing-project/ Visit                  

 USDA deregulates GE alfalfa; opens door to new era of widespread

genetic pollution of crops!
    Learn more:    ( Visit-Here )


CONFIRMED Link Between Fracking and Earthquakes

 10 outlandish things the 'scientific' controllers have in mind

for you in the near future !!!
Wednesday, November 23, 2011                         by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger   go here


5 billion-a-year+    (Click )  (9/05/12)




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