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                                                        *Why Care-Good Question*

1.It's The Thing To Do.                                                                    2.Most People Feel Better.

3.It Gives One A Sense Of Hope=Happiness For Many people.

4.I Heard Research Shows Helping Others Is Good For "YOUR"             Health  (A Great Reason).

5.Your Helping Your Family,Friends,Etc.,Live:

  A Better Life When We Leave This World.


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2013/01 Pravda-tells-america-  "Keep-Your-Guns"

   Shooting  The Sacred Cows <--Visit


               " Let Me See Your Papers"                 Dec. 18, 2012 by  

Residents of the Arkansas town of Paragould — population barely 25,000 — will soon begin noticing a constant presence of militarized police patrolling the Streets and asking to see pedestrians’ papers.           *More Info:               CLICK Here

   Alex Jones---Detained by:   (TSA)        (Visit)   1/07/13


Posted 1/24/12
End The "TSA" Now!   <--Go Now!!!   Wow!

  Why Haven't You Been Told About This "Cure for Cancer" ?
Discover the little-known reason why this remarkable cancer therapy has been
suppressed -- even though 15,000 European doctors have been using it to heal
countless people.  
Click here for the answer to cancer.

Cool Cartoon-;

  Babys-got-a-gun/    2/15/14 not long--11min.!!!  <----CLICK

    " Self-Reliance" is the way to survive and thrive in this Age of:     Turmoil that we have entered.   

 What happened in Freetopia? Video fable reveals how free societies become bankrupt police states           Learn more:

                                        Vision to America.org/  

                                                      I'm Sorry-to-Say!!!

 We (world-wide) are in a (bad) recession & Going into a        "Depression" !!!!!! Sorry but it seems to be the Truth!  *** Wake---Up *** History seems to repeat itself.  Learn & take action. Be informed.      *Be: "Dept Free"!      It's "Your Life & Choice!"       
"Answers are here"!            
 Success comes before work :         Only in the dictionary!!!

"Swine Flu" Vaccine: Untested, Uninsurable, Unproven!
Dr. Rima E Laibow MD - Natural Solutions Medical Director continues her discussion of the Swine Flu Vaccine in this
 Part 2 of her recent series. In this part she discusses the situation in the Stat...              (Click-More-Info..)

USA---Internal Passport             a Soviet-style internal passport system!      (Click)

Sign Petiton-<--- Click--   No Gov't  Health care-USA                                                                    *Action*

   Natural Solutions Foundation The Voice of Global Health Freedom™ Global Health Freedom Org <---( CLICK ) !!!
 Feds dub young man enemy combatant for uploading video to YouTube  Learn more:

  War on drugs revealed as total hoax   (11/16/11) US military admits to guarding,

 assisting lucrative opium trade in Afghanistan.  
   Visit Here

  We Are *All* Terrorists Now---Go here

 Click here for an easy and free way to help feed those in need at The Hunger Site!

 *Nice-Book mark & Visit often-great,free want,to help poor etc..*

  Has other things to help,just see ad & they donate to help poor etc..  Easy.       Free.

                   California  "Cops"  Impose-police-state-following-shooting/ 10/27 <--Visit-Click


above-and-you-may-not-know/    Visit--Click

  Breaking-Jesse Ventura & Howard  Stern-set-for-2016-presidential-run <---9/29/13 <--WoW!!!)  Click

  "Success is connected with action. Successful people keep moving.

                    They might make mistakes,but they don't quit" !         ~Robert Arnold

 Gestapo-tactics-meet-senior-citizens-at-Yellowstone 10/08/133

 Shell Opens   Iraqi-Oil-Field  !!!  10/06/13

           JFK--The Speech That Cost Him    Visit-Click

                                  Bet Depression---Learn How-No drugs!!!

Self-Reliance is the way to survive and thrive in this Age of: Turmoil that we have "Entered".